Tunafish Wayne & friends :)

Stat Holder Detail
Longest yeah boii ever Wayne 1 minute
Shortest yeah boii ever Nicola 0.8 seconds

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"What rank am I again? Gold nova master two?"
- catfish nicola

"Isn't it mad how ..."
- haddock evan

"Now that that's clear off the table..."
- tunafish wayne

"Evans have you chosen a coffin?"
- scallop sparx

"Anne Frank wouldn't sit at the back of the bus"
- haddock evan

"I'm gonna make a law case"
- haddock evan

"Hold on, I'm trying to zoom in on this picture of Kylie Jenner's nipple"
- haddock evan

"Hold on let me see if the dollar drops"
- gambler haddock evan